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Construction Law

Attorney Jeff Earnshaw has over fifteen years' experience representing homeowners, subcontractors, general contractors, local builders, and national builders in various construction law matters. Earnshaw & Shearer provides efficient and cost effective representation to construction law clients.  Earnshaw & Shearer offers full-service, personal attention and works with clients to understand their needs and meet each client's unique goals.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, commercial owner, or community association, we can assist you with construction contracts, enforcing or defending construction liens, and prosecuting and defending construction defect litigation.

Earnshaw & Shearer has experience assisting with or resolving a multitude of construction issues on behalf of clients, including:

Administrative licensing hearings

Chapter 558 presuit notification process

Construction contract drafting and review

Construction defect litigation

Construction delays

Construction financing

Construction liens

Contract litigation

Entity formation

Licensing complaints

Licensing qualification

Lien foreclosures

Lien releases

Subcontractor agreements


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